Aer - Floats My Boat (Official Music Video)


Aer - Feel I Bring (Official Music Video) - on iTunes

Aer - Like the Way (Official Music Video)

Aer - Wonderin' Why (Official Music Video)

Aer - Songbird (Official Music Video)

Aer - School

Aer - Take it Wrong (Official Music Video)

Aer - If You Want (Trees)

Aer - Says She Loves Me [Official Music Video]

Aer - Lights (Can You Keep It)

Aer - I Can't Help It (Official Music Video)

Aer - The Rain (Official Music Video)

AER Songs // Stephen Macartney - Parity

Aer - Shot Clock (Avicii - Levels Remix)

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The Warrior Song - Aer Vis

Aer - What You Need (Official Music Video)

Aer - I'm With It (Official Music Video)

Aer - Wonderin' Why

Aer - Comin' From A Basement

Aer - Spades, Clubs & Diamonds [Audio Stream]

Aer - Come and Go

Aer - She'll Miss It

Aer - Every Day

Aer - Songbird

Aer- I'm Not Sorry

Aer - Kush in My Pockets

Aer - Run Again

AER Songs and Stories with Gareth Dunlop - Can't Stand Myself

Aer - Pretty Lady (Around Me) [Official Music Video]

Aer - Won't Laugh (Official Music Video)

Aer - Pretty Lady (Around Me)

Aer - Keep You Here (Official Music Video)

Aer - One Of A Kind (Official Music Video)

Aer - Story To Tell ( Biggie Remix )

Aer - Water On The Moon

The Warrior Song - Aer Vis (video with lyrics)

Dj Sava & Raluka feat. Connect-R - Aer (Official Video)

AER Songs and Stories with Tony Villiers ft Doc Doherty - Rock Salt

AER - "Spades, Clubs, & Diamonds" (Live at Red Bull Records, CA) #JAMINTHEVAN

Air Supply - Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

The Warrior Song - Aer Vis: Commemorating USAF History

Aer - Go

Aer - It's a New Day

Aer - Medina (Remastered)

Aer - School // Another Face (Official Music Video)

The Warrior Song (Aer Vis)

Aer - Few Times

Aer- Ex

Floats my boat- Aer (live)

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