The Last Three Letters


This Conversation is Over

Alesana - Confessions Full Album Edition 2015

Alesana - "The Thespian" (Video)

ALESANA - Apology

Alesana - Ambrosia [Official Music Video]


ALESANA - Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good

As You Wish

Alesana ~ Apology (Lyrics)

Alesana - Tilting The Hourglass


ALESANA - Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen (Official Lyric Video)

The Lover

ALESANA - Endings Without Stories


ALESANA - Congratulations, I Hate You

ALESANA - And They Call This Tragedy

This Conversation Is Over By Alesana Lyrics

Alesana - Apology (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Alesana - Apology Acoustic

Annabel - Alesana (lyrics in video)

Alesana - Madeline (Official Stream Video)

ALESANA - Fatal Optimist

Alesana - Requiem (Lyrics Video)

Alesana - Third Temptation of Paris HQ and Lyrics

Alesana - The Lover lyrics

Alesana - Heavy Hangs The Albatross Lyrics

ALESANA - Red And Dying Evening

ALESANA - Catharsis

My Top 10 Alesana Songs

Alesana - "Seduction" (video)

Alesana - Deja Vu All Over Again (Track Video)

ALESANA - The Puppeteer

Alesana - "Circle VII: Sins Of The Lion"

Alesana - "A Gilded Masquerade"

ALESANA - Early Mourning

Alesana - Dancing Alone (Hidden Track) with lyrics in the description. (The Decade EP)

ALESANA - The Acolyte

Alesana - Early Morning

Alesana - The last three letters

Alesana - Early Mourning (With lyrics)

Alesana "A Forbidden Dance" (Full Album)

Alesana - Ambrosia original video (New Version)/Lyrics

Alesana - Apology (Punk Goes Acoustic Vol. 2)

Alesana - Welcome To The Vanity Faire (Official lyrics in description)

Alesana - To be Scared by an Owl Lyrics

ALESANA - Nevermore (Lyric Video)

Alesana - Double Or Nothing (Track Video)

Before I Turn - Lorn ft. Shawn Milke of Alesana (Official Lyric Video)

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