Anti-Flag - This Is The End (For You My Friend) (Main Video)


Anti-Flag - The Press Corpse

Anti-Flag - Die For Your Government

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Anti-Flag - Hate Conquers All

Anti-Flag - 1 Trillion Dollar$

Song For Your Enemy

Anti-Flag - The Disease

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Kill the Rich

You Can Kill the Protester, But You Can't Kill the Protest

Anti-Flag - Song For Your Enemy

Anti Flag - You Can Kill The Protester But You Can t Kill The Protest

Anti-Flag - The Bright Lights Of America

Mumia's Song

Anti-Flag - For What It's Worth

Anti-Flag: You've Got To Die For Your Government (With Lyrics)

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Anti-Flag Ft. DE'WAYNE, Marcia Richards, Jalise Della Gary, Tom Morello - A Dying Plea Vol. 1

Anti-Flag - The Bright Lights Of America (Official Video)

Anti-Flag - The Criminals (Lyric Video)

The Panama Deception

Davey Destroyed the Punk Scene

protest song (lyrics) - anti-flag

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Anti-Flag - 20/20 Vision

Anti-Flag - Unbreakable

Anti-Flag- Rank-N-File


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Anti-Flag - This is the End: The 11th Street Sessions

1 Trillion Dollars-Anti-Flag With Lyrics

Mind the G.A.T.T.

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Hymn For The Dead

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