B*Witched - C'est la vie


B*Witched - Rollercoaster (US Version)

B*Witched - The Stars Are Ours

B*Witched - Mickey (Audio)

The Most Annoying Pop Songs - B*Witched - C'est La Vie - Number 48

B*Witched - Jesse Hold On (Live In Dublin)

B*Witched - Love and Money

B*Witched - HOLD ON (Aiysha - a David Crowley film)

B*Witched - Blame It On The Weatherman

B*Witched - To You I Belong (Live from Disneyland)

B*Witched - I Shall Be There

B*Witched - C'est La Vie (Live from Disneyland)

B*Witched - Hold On - Lyric Video

B*Witched - 'C'est La Vie' | The Late Late Show

BWitched - I Shall Be There

Hold on - B*Witched

B*Witched: Are you a Ghost? (Video)

B*witched - Mickey (Movies And TV Shows Dancing)

B*Witched Greatest Hits megamix 2011

B*Witched - Does Your Mother Know (Live In Dublin)

B*Witched - To You I Belong

Steps, Tina Cousins, Cleopatra, B*Witched, Billie ‎-- Thank ABBA For The Music

Abba Medley - Billie Piper, B*Witched, Steps, Tina Cousins, Cleopatra (Brit Awards)

B*Witched: Freak Out ! (Video)

B*Witched: 05. Rollercoaster (Lyrics)

B*Witched - Are You A Ghost | Music Video

B*Witched - Jesse Hold On (with lyrics)

B*Witched - Rev It Up (Live from Disneyland)

B*Witched - Making the Video for Jump Down CD:UK 2000

B*witched - Get happy

*Requested* Rip Girls Soundtrack:B*Witched- Rev It Up

B*Witched - Jesse Hold On (live Blue Peter)

Smart House B*Witched


B☆Witched ''Does Your Mother Know'' [Live Abbamania 1999].avi

B*Witched - To You I Belong (Live In Dublin)

B*Witched - To You I Belong - CD:UK number 1

B*Witched - Jump Down

B*Witched - Rollercoaster

B*Witched - C'est La Vie (Live In Dublin)

B*Witched - Blame It On The Weatherman (Big Reunion)

B Witched - C'Est La Vie (K Klass Epic Klub Mix)

B*Witched - Let's Go (The B*Witched Jig) (Live from Disneyland)

B*Witched - Rollercoaster (live vocals) - Blue Peter 1998

B*Witched - Jump Down - Top Of The Pops (live vocals)

B*witched Megamix

B*Witched - Interview with B*Witched

B*Witched - C'est La Vie - Smash Hits Poll Winners Party 1998 - Best New Act

B*Witched - We Four Girls (Live from Disneyland)

B*Witched - Freak Out

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