Blackfoot - Highway Song 1979


Blackfoot, "Highway Song"

Blackfoot Medicine Song

Blackfoot - Train, Train

Highway Song

Blackfeet Honor Song

An Historical Album of Blackfoot Indian Music

War Dance

Blackfoot "Highway Song"

Blackfoot "Southern Native" official video featuring Rickey Medlocke

Fox Chase

I Got a Line on You

Train, Train

The Song of Crazy Horse 1997

Blackfoot - Nobody Rides For Free

Blackfoot, "Wishing Well"

Blackfoot - Highway Song

Blackfoot - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (ZDF RockPop TV Show 1980)

Blackfoot - Teenage Idol (original video)

Wishing Well

Blackfeet Flag Song

Blackfoot 1979 Train Train

Ol time blackfeet Song

blackfoot-Marauder-Rattlesnake Rock 'N' Roller.wmv

Native American Flute (Blackfoot style ) Improvisation.

Blackfeet Anthem

Blackfoot - Good Morning

Blackfoot - Highway song lyrics

Payin' for It

Honor Song

Buffalo Jump Opening Songs - Julius Delaney (Kainai)

Blackfoot - Highway Song

Blackfoot - Feelin' Good

J Blackfoot-Taxi

Blackfoot - Highway Song (Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland 1982)

Blackfoot Songs

Blackfoot- Morning Dew

THE BLACKFOOT NATION | Canada's First Nations

J. Blackfoot - Just One Lifetime

Blackfoot, "Left Turn on a Red Light"

Blackfoot Everyman with Lyrics in Description

Blackfoot - In the Night

Old Time Blackfeet Songs...

Sundance Songs

Blackfoot - No Reservations 1975 (full album)

Rare audio of indigenous languages saved by invention 100 years later - Science Nation

MPMB: Ranking CDs and Top 10 Songs - Blackfoot

The Halluci Nation Ft. Black Bear - Stadium Pow Wow (Official Video)

RUMBLE: Web Exclusive - the first audio recordings of Native music at LOC

Drake - Toosie Slide (Lyrics)

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