BOYSETSFIRE - "Never Said" (Official Video)


BOYSETSFIRE - One Match (Official Video)

BOYSETSFIRE - "Closure" (Official Video, "While A Nation Sleeps...)

BoySetsFire - Rookie

Boy Sets Fire - Last Years Nest [Official Music Video]

BOYSETSFIRE - Savage Blood (Official Lyric Video)

BOYSETSFIRE - "Bled Dry" (official video, Record Store Day single / 7-Inch)

Boysetsfire - One Match

Boysetsfire "A Far Cry"

BoySetsFire - After The Eulogy

BoySetsFire - Handful Of Redemption


Boysetsfire - My Life In The Knife Trade /// Berlin Sessions (Bonus)

boysetsfire - wrecking ball


BoySetsFire - My Life In The Knife Trade

BoySetsFire - High Wire Escape Artist

Boysetsfire "The Fine Art Of Falling"

BOYSETSFIRE - Reason To Believe (Official)

After The Eulogy

BOYSETSFIRE - Cutting Room Floor (Official)

BoySetsFire - Empire with lyrics

Boysetsfire "Cringe"

Boysetsfire - With Stars (Bonustrack)

BoySetsFire - Bathory's Sainthood

BoySetsFire - When Rhetoric Dies

Boysetsfire - Did You Forget (Bonustrack)

BOYSETSFIRE - Rookie ("20th Anniversary Live in Berlin")

Boysetsfire - Altar of God

Boysetsfire "Pure"


Boysetsfire - After The Eulogy feat. Shane Told (Silverstein) // Off The Road Sessions

Boysetsfire 10 and Counting

BoySetsFire - Full Color Guilt

BOYSETSFIRE - Dig Your Grave (Official)

THE RELENTLESS - Rookie (First Episode Official Music Video)

Boy Sets Fire- Across Five Years

Boy Sets Fire - Fade to Black

Handful Of Redemption

boysetsfire - in hope

BOYSETSFIRE - Far From Over (Official)

My Life In The Knife Trade

boysetsfire - with every intention (Farewell Show)

Boysetsfire - After The Eulogy / Rookie (Webster Hall 2011)

Boysetsfire "Deja Coup"

In Hope

boysetsfire - Until Nothing Remains (live 2012-08-07 Dresden, Scheune) NEW SONG

Boysetsfire - Requiem // Live 2016 // A38 Rocks

Foundations To Burn

BOYSETSFIRE - Phone Call (4AM) (Official)

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