Gabe Bondoc – 'First Choice'


OTS: "You're It" - Acoustic Gabe Bondoc Original

OTS: "When You Say" - a GB Original

If Only

Stronger Than

Gabe Bondoc – 'Gentlemen Don't'

Gabe Bondoc - Songs I Wish I Wrote

First Choice

Gabe Bondoc - Chasing Pavements

Gabe Bondoc - Stronger Than (Lyrics Video)

I wrote an original acoustic song for Ariana Grande!

Loved You First (Official Lyric Video) - Gabe Bondoc

Songwriting an acoustic Khalid inspired song...

OTS: "Better Yet" - A GB Original

"Jacob's Blues" - A Twilight Inspired Original

OTS: "Better" - A GB Original

"The One" - Gabe Bondoc Ft. Savannah Kinsley

OTS: "How Far I'll Go" - From Disney's Moana

Gabe Bondoc - Postcard

Jacob's Blues (2017) - A GB Original (TOUR DATES in DESCRIPTION!)

OTS: "The Weight" - A GB Original

OTS: Acoustic Cover of "Rosie" by John Mayer

Gabe Bondoc - Stronger Than (High Quality) 11.08.09 The Loft @ UCSD Luminance Show

OTS: "Fickle" - A GB Original

"Love Alert" - A GB Original (Free Download!)

Hurt Me Again- Gabe Bondoc w/lyrics

Gabe Bondoc - The Weight.

Gabe Bondoc - Postcard.

OTS: "If We'd Never Met (Ver. 1.0)" - A GB Original


Let It Snow - Kina Grannis & Gabe Bondoc

One Take Sessions: "My Plan (Acoustic)" - GB

Gabe Bondoc - Fickle.

Gabe Bondoc - Better.

Gabe Bondoc - Chasing

You Got It [LYRIC VIDEO] - Gabe Bondoc

Gabe Bondoc - Better (2012 Live at The Red Room @ Cafe 939)

Gabe Bondoc - Excuse (Lyrics)

Gabe Bondoc - Summertime (High Quality) 11.08.09 The Loft @ UCSD Luminance Show

Gabe Bondoc – 'Black Book'

Gabe Bondoc - Tables.

Gabe Bondoc - One Touch (Audio Only)

One Take Sessions: "Life Love Everything"

HOHOHOTS: "The Christmas Song"

RandomOTS: "Twitter Song" - GB

RandomOTS: "Dorm Room" - GB

Romeo's Love Story - Gabe Bondoc w/ Lyrics + mp3 Download

OTS: "Nothing More" - A GB Original

Gabe Bondoc - Stronger Than Lyrics

The Christmas Song: Gabe Bondoc

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